Friday, October 3, 2008

A Fabulous Friday Update.

Hello everyone, It's a very pretty, sunny, early fall morning here. I love this time of year! I have another update for you, or change if you prefer that word. I do like change! I have decided to change the limit for the number of crafters I have in my twice/monthly craft classes. I was offering 10 spots but feel I should make that 8. Eight is a more comfortable number for my classroom/studio space and leaves the island free for tools to be spread out for your use when needed, without taking up work-table room. So, because it feels right to me, that is what I'm going to do.
Don't you love it when things feel right? I know I do.

On a personal note, I want to let all of you know, who don't know yet, I have started my Angel Messenger Certification course. I'm excited about it and feel it's a perfect addition to what I am already doing. And, I now have my Reiki Master/Teacher Certification........congrats to me!! With Joe doing Hypnotherapy, Spiritual-Life coaching, Workshops, Creating Meditaion CD's, and me doing Reiki, Card Readings, Spiritual-Life coaching, Workshops, and Stampin UP! we are becoming a "full service" couple. LOL And a busy couple!

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Just so you all know, espescially my painting students, no matter how busy we get with the many things we do, I will always find time each week for painting class and crafting classes!!! Being creative refreshes my soul.

Signing off..............Namaste'

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