Thursday, September 4, 2008

!!Important Crafting Class Information!!

Creative Monkey's Monthly "Craft Class"

Each month on a Friday evening from 6:30 to 9 pm, and for those that can't make a Friday, or an evening class, I will also have a Sunday afternoon class each month from 1 to 3:30 pm. Class fee $10 (some classes will be more depending on supplies needed).(most months the Friday and Sunday classes will be on the same weekend.

Every person attending the class will receive all of the materials needed to complete the project being taught. The idea for the classes is to teach everyone a different crafting technique each month and to allow you to use my tools. Think of it as being able to test things out before you buy.

Understanding that everyone isn't in a position to buy "every single thing", don't I wish...........ahh......wouldn't that be fabulous?......ok, back to the subject at hand, classes:-)

The class kit provided for each class will make one project. If you want to make more but don't own the tools, dies, stamps, etc. used in the project, or you have purchased the tools but they won't be in your hot little crafting hands in time, you are welcome to come to the next class (same class fee applies) and using your own consumables I.E. paper, glue, eyelets, powders, chalks etc. make more of the current or even a different project. However, you are welcome to use my tools I.E. scissors, timmers, dies, punches, die cutters, embossing templates, melting pot, heat tool, etc. (because I don't have 8 of every tool, there will be some wait time while everyone shares what I do have.)

As noted the fee for each class is a mere $10. There may be times when a class uses special consumables and I may need to charge a bit more. Class size is limited to 8 special crafting wonders.
All class fees should be paid no later than one week prior to the class date which also means if you are planning on attending both you might want to pay for both spots at the same time. Once I have the 10th person signed up, the class is closed.
If you need to cancel I can refund your money or apply it to the next month if I can fill your spot.
****If you decide you want to attend a class at the last minute, Call me to find out if there is a open spot, There could be cancellations, it's worth a shot****

You are welcome pay your class fees through PayPal, just send the fee to and put the class name/s and date/s you are signing up for in the area for notes. I will email letting you know I recieved your payment and that you are written down as attending. (((someday I will figure out how to make this part more automated))) As safe and easy as PayPal is, some people are still leary of using it so I will also accept cash or check:-) email Doreen at or call 508-588-8234 to make those arrangements.

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Let's have FUN laughing, talking and crafting!!

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